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Patient Information

When you are admitted to the hospital you need only to bring a few simple things for your hospital stay. These might include:

Non-skid slippers
Detailed list of the medications you are currently taking, including any of the over-the-counter medications you routinely take
Hearing aides
Contact lenses or eyeglasses
Clothes to wear for returning to home after discharge
Hospital gowns will be provided.

Please click here for a printable checklist that details what to bring to the hospital (English/Spanish)

What not to bring

Please do not bring the following:

Credit cards
Large amounts of money
Personal electrical appliances

If you do have valuables, please have your family member or friend take them home for you. If this is not possible, notify your nurse who will make sure the valuables get placed in the hospital's safe.

Surgical Patient Information

To do list (Before Surgery)

You should be in the hospital at least 2 hours before your scheduled surgery time
Notify the surgeon of any change in your physical condition, i.e. colds, infection, etc.
Bring a list of any medications you are taking, along with the dosage and number of times a day it is to be taken.
Please bring in your own comb, brush, tooth paste and toothbrush

Please do NOT:

Drink any fluids or eat any food after midnight
Bring valuables (cash, credit cards, jewelry, watch, wallet, cell phone, pager, etc.)
Wear make-up, nail polish or pins in your hair

Please follow all directions provided to you by your physician.

After your operation:

If a condition arises during your surgery and the operating doctor feels that admission to the hospital is best for your recovery, then he or she will admit you as an inpatient following your surgery.

If you are discharged on the day of surgery:

Arrange for a responsible adult to accompany you home.
Do not take public transportation without another adult.
Do not ingest alcoholic beverages or take medication not specifically prescribed for at least 24 hours.
Do not drive a car or operate machinery for 24 hours.
Important decision making should be delayed for at least 24 hours.
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